This book is energetically alive! Just having it in the same room with you will bring about a shift in the way you see things and in the way your life unfolds. Drink it in and savor it slowly. Claim the miracles you desire. The ability to heal lies within, use this book to clear its way.


AS, Inspired Artist

What Readers are Saying...

Use Activating Ascension to Get Results!

Clear confusion, self-doubt, and worry

Develop the ability to trust yourself and others

Heal your heart and strengthen your relationships

Turn up the volume on your inner voice

Add focus to your goals and develop a plan

Reveal your starting point and take the first step

Use it personally or as part of your healing practice

Create the life you’ve always wanted but didn’t think you could have

Realize there is more to life than working to pay the bills just to survive

Stop being your own worst enemy

Get off the hamster wheel and step into a life where you can thrive

Activating Ascension: The Book

Wouldn't it be nice to...

Sleep better
Release anxiety, depression, and addiction
Decrease pain
Improve relationships
Discover your purpose
Attract abundance
Let go of regret

Be free of your past

Create the life you want

Take your healing practice to a new level

See the bigger picture

What if there was a way for you to un-become everything you were never meant to be?

There is. Activating Ascension can show you how. Listen to your inner voice. Clear your obstacles. Create what you desire. Stop shooting arrows in the dark. Use what you learn in this book to turn on the lights. Heal yourself and then show others how you did it.

One thing is for sure...the old way of doing things isn't working anymore...

At least, not as well as they used to! It's time for a fresh perspective, a new approach. As our understanding of the world evolves, our way of living, healing, and creating in it must evolve as well. The Activating Ascension is presented in 3 parts.


Part I: Engage Your Intuition

Part I of the Activating Ascension book is dedicated to this. You can't navigate in the new world if you're operating on old instincts. What you can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch only reveals part of the picture. Engaging your intuition will allow you to navigate this new world with less confusion and more confidence. This book will get you started. When you're ready to super-boost your intuitive super-powers, click here.


Part II: Clear the Crap

Part II of the Activating Ascension book will help you do just that! It's nearly impossible to move forward in a positive way if you're sitting on a pile of emotional traumas, false beliefs, and someone else's interpretation of who you "should" be.  


In Part II you'll learn how to be in sacred space, identify the obstacles that stand in your way, and then use  the techniques that will remove them. The compensations, coping skills, and survival mechanisms that once served you so well are now the nails in the coffin of your personal growth.


If you don't want to die a slow and suffocating death, it's time to start taking them out instead of hammering in more. 

Part III: Use What You've Learned to Get You Want

If you're anything like me, you've likely grown accustomed to getting what you want through sheer forced of will. If you're anything like me, you've noticed that this course is subject to the Law of Diminishing Returns. It's hard when we find that the old ways don't work as well as they used to and even worse when the payoff starts to backfire. 

Once you've Cleared the Crap, you'll start to hear the voice of your heart and find that your desires have shifted, coming into alignment with your heightened vibration. Part III will teach you how to navigate in this new land and manifest better health, more opportunity and abundance, and loving relationships.

Who knows? You may even find your way to the land of cupcakes and unicorns!

Click here to read the first three pages!


I am amazed by how ‘lightly’ this book reads, for such a profound subject and intense work. It is powerful! Anyone could pick up this book, use the tools in it and change their life, for the better.


Rev. Rachel Roberts

Healing Touch Practitioner

From a Happy Reader

Wow! You are a true healer in every sense of the word. What a gift to have here locally! So far you’ve covered tons of lessons I’ve learned over a 16 year period, from a Jungian psychologist in Knox, CRA in KY hypnotherapy in CA, various psychics, Reiki masters, and more. You’ll be seeing more of me. Thanks and blessings!


Karen Brackett

Artist, Custom Murals

Who is Activating Ascension for?


Social Workers

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioners

Medical Professionals


Massage Therapists

Healing Touch Practitioners

Reiki Practitioners

Healing Intuitives



Drug and Alcohol Counselors

Anyone who wants to create a better life for themselves and those they love!

Activate: To make active or to initiate.

Ascension: The act of rising to a higher level.

Activating Ascension: To actively rise out of ego and into the heart.